Advanced Industrial Coatings



AIC is a nationally-recognized industrial coating services company. We apply coatings to parts for industries including medical, semiconductor, automotive, energy, and more. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified, a certified DuPont® Star Coater and a Whitford Worldwide Quality Approved Coater.

High-performance industrial coatings we apply include: PTFE | FEP | PFA | Dry Film Lubricants | DuPont Performance Fluoropolymers | Whitford Xylan® Coatings | Halar® ECTFE | Rilsan® Nylon | Ryton® | Epoxy | Urethane | Polyurethane | Generic Blends | and more

AIC applies coatings from Whitford Worldwide, DuPont Industrial Finishes / Axalta, Arkema, Solvay Solexis, Cardinal, 3M, Sherwin-Williams Industrial Finishes, and many others. We are an industrial coating services company only, and we do not sell the coatings we apply. If you need to purchase coatings, please visit our resources page.

” Advanced Industrial Coatings has been an excellent supplier for all our paint and powder coating needs.  They have excellent coating experience, backed with a practical and professional understanding of quality.  They are energetic, self-motivated, and able to meet our on-time delivery needs.  Through quality, on-time delivery and fair pricing, AIC has added value to our business.  A strong recommendation! ”
Scott Hess, Construction Electrical Products

Featured Coating Application Services

Rilsan® Nylon Coating Application Services

Advanced Industrial Coatings leads the coating applications industry in nylon coating applications, helping premier US medical and industrial manufacturers meet quality standards and functional requirements. AIC has extensive experience with Rilsan® Nylon from Arkema as well as a range of generic powder and liquid nylons. Learn more about the nylon coating services we offer.

Halar® ECTFE Coating Application Services

Halar® ECTFE coatings offer some of the strongest chemical resistance protection available, but the application can be tricky. With extensive Halar coating expertise, AIC can help. We do traditional ECTFE coating applications as well as advanced techniques, including applications for PEEK and similar plastics and applications for extreme thickness and/or precision machining. Learn more about our Halar ECTFE coating services.

PTFE Coating Application Services

For decades, AIC has continued to provide high-quality PTFE coating services to major US scientific, medical and industrial manufacturers. Not only do we apply nearly every brand-name PTFE product available, but we also create custom mixes using PTFE, powders, and other fluoropolymers to meet specific technical or cost goals. Get an introduction to our PTFE coating services.