Coating Services for Food Processing Companies

AIC applies high performance industrial coatings needs to a wide variety of food processing parts. Recent and current food processing clients include:

PCP_Color          Saputo_Color          Campbells_Color          DFA_Color

Examples of food processing parts AIC has coated include rollers, cheese augers, molds, conveyor system components, slide trays, mixers / agitators, sensors, industrial bakeware, valves, cutting equipment and blades, hoppers, and more.


What coatings do you apply for food processing parts?
AIC applies many food grade / FDA approved coatings for food processing parts. The most popular coatings are DuPont PTFE products and Whitford Xylan products, for their release / nonstick properties and ease of cleaning. However, we know that durability is a major issue for food processors, and we often use other coatings or create custom blends in order to increase impact, wear and abrasion resistance. If these are major concerns, then coatings such as Tefzel® or other ETFE-type products may be more appropriate. If you have special corrosion resistance or extreme temperature performance issues as well, we can discuss coating options and blends that meet your needs.

How can I ensure that my part is FDA compliant?
The FDA can be picky about alloys, so using stainless steel under an FDA-compliant coating is a surefire way to ensure FDA compliance. However, stainless steel can be impractical or overly expensive, so if you are using a non-FDA approved alloy under an FDA approved coating, it’s important that your coating be durable so that wear on the coating doesn’t cause your part to fall out of FDA compliance. Not all FDA approved coatings can stand up to extreme wear and impact, so discuss durability needs with your coater.

Do you have verifiable quality systems?
Yes. AIC prides itself on achieving quality outcomes through standardized continuous improvement procedures. The certifications we have obtained and renew regularly include:

  • ISO 9001:2008
  • RoHS Certification
  • Copy Exact
  • Whitford Approved Quality Coater
  • DuPont Certified StarCoater℠

Audits are conducted annually by internal management and by certified third party agencies to ensure ongoing compliance. We can send you a copy of our certifications for your records upon request.