Whitford Medical Division to Provide PTFE Coatings, PFA and More

Excellent news for medical device manufacturers:  Whitford Corporation has announced that the company is just a few months away from opening its new division dedicated to medical coatings.

A new facility for the medical coatings has been completed and is undergoing the validation process, according to a spokesperson for Whitford.  The company expects to achieve the ISO 13485 certification for the division’s quality system by the end of the year.

This news is a coup for medical device manufacturers, for whom it is increasingly difficult to find coatings that both meet regulatory standards and provide the quality and durability required for end use.  Whitford has been known for decades as a leading manufacturer of innovative, world-class quality PFA and PTFE coatings.  Their products are used extensively in international automotive, aerospace and energy manufacturing. And, because many of their coatings are FDA approved, Whitford PTFEs and PFAs have been used for medical devices and food processing parts as well.  But now, with a dedicated medical division, Whitford will be able to explicitly work to ensure that their coatings meet all of the regulatory standards required in medical manufacturing, meaning that medical manufacturers now have easy access to the top PFA and PTFE coatings on the market.

For us at AIC, this news mean that we can serve our medical clients even better than before.  We provide PTFE and PFA coating services for a number of leading medical device manufacturers, and we are thrilled that we will now be able to suggest and apply Whitford PTFEs and PFAs with the knowledge that regulatory compliance will not be a huge hassle.

Whitford is the manufacturer of the Xylan® series of PTFE coatings – one of the highest quality and most comprehensive lines of industrial PTFE coatings available today.  Get more information on Whitford’s Xylan page (literature downloads are available), and more information about Xylan® application services at AIC.

For more information, view the press release from Whitford here.  Visit the Whitford Corporation’s website here.