Videos – Advanced Industrial Coatings

Advanced Industrial Coatings is a nationally-recognized leader in industrial coating applications, applying coatings to parts for industries including medical, semiconductor, automotive, energy, and more.  Get a look inside our shop and our operations in these videos.


AIC Medical Control Room

Take a peek inside the control room at Advanced Industrial Coatings, where we coat medical devices with PTFE, nylon, dry film lubricants, and more.



Automated Powder Coating Line: Start to Finish

See how an industrial powder coating line works as part of the process that moves parts through from initial cleaning through final cure.  Video by Brenton Arney, original music by Devin Arney.



Boom Balls: PTFE for Arcade Game Production

These classic arcade shooting games may be simple to play, but they require sophisticated engineering underneath the surface. Learn how a thin industrial PTFE coating makes all the difference in how the machines work. From Advanced Industrial Coatings.



A Day in the Life of a Part

As an intro to our shop, we created a short video that follows a part from the time it enters the shop until the time it leaves. We provide industrial coating application services to some of the largest scientific and medical manufacturers in the US. AIC applies industrial coatings such as Rilsan® Nylon, Halar® ECTFE, Xylan, epoxy, urethane, many PTFE products, DuPont Performance Fluoropolymers, and more. ISO 9001:2008.