Quality Systems

AIC is a quality-approved vendor for world-class manufacturers, including:

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AIC can create and execute custom training, procedures, and documentation to meet specific quality management standards.​

AIC provides clients with innovative solutions to complex coating challenges, so having a detailed, start-to-finish understanding of our clients’ requirements​ is an essential policy. We develop specific coating strategies through the use of set-up sheets, flow charts, custom travelers, and FMEAs. Our workers are well-trained for every part, and receive detailed instructions for each coating project.

Quality Certifications

AIC prides itself on achieving quality outcomes through standardized continuous improvement procedures. The certifications we have obtained and renew regularly include:

  • ISO 9001:2008
  • RoHS Certification
  • Copy Exact
  • Whitford Approved Quality Coater
  • DuPont Certified StarCoater℠

Audits are conducted annually by internal management and by certified third party agencies to ensure ongoing compliance.

Equipment Testing

​AIC maintains standard testing procedures to ensure that our equipment operates at maximum levels of safety and efficiency. We send measuring equipment out for annual calibration, and ovens are calibrated every six months. All are calibrated to an NIST standard.

Parts Testing

​Some of the tests AIC executes regularly on finished parts to ensure quality results include:

Set Up Sheets

The AIC set up sheet is a unique document that we have created to ensure that every step of the coating process is identified, articulated, and agreed upon. Information on the set up sheet can include transportation details, incoming quality inspections, masking and coating steps, and more. The essential purpose of the set up sheet is to make sure that our employees can, at every point in the process, identify what process is needed, and how to do it well. The set up sheet is the constant job reference sheet that accompanies every job.

Custom Travelers

We work with our clients to create a custom traveler for each job, covering the unique combination of steps needed to ensure a quality result for that part. This is a key step in the AIC quality process. All of the details of each step are recorded throughout the execution of the job – and these travelers can be accessed by clients as needed for quality documentation purposes.