PTFE Coating Services (and related fluoropolymers)

AIC offers PTFE coating services, with expertise in a range of brand-name products from major coating manufacturers. We also create custom PTFE blends, depending on the required performance and cost structure.

Some of the PTFE coatings we apply include Xylan®, DuPont Industrial Performance Coatings, and Glyde Coat®.

Examples of parts that AIC has coated with PTFE include chemical processing parts, bakeware, food processing parts, molds, semiconductor parts, surgical devices, medical equipment, and many others.

We offer PTFE coating services for short runs, large volumes, and prototypes. Our facility includes a conveyorized coating system for very high volumes.

Key Fluoropolymers Applied at AIC and Their Properties

Dry film lubricants typically use PTFE, making it the best-known nonstick coating available today. A high-performance application with superior abrasion and nonstick properties, it has a high operating temperature (500° F).

This transparent film is chemically inert and solvent resistant with high service temperatures (to 260° C / 500° F). PFA offers both side-to-side nonstick slipperiness up & down release properties, making it a good choice for parts that require multi-functional nonstick properties. This resin has mechanical toughness that is greater than FEP or PTFE, offers good dielectric properties, and has excellent chemical resistance.

A nonstick coating providing a nonporous film with excellent dielectric properties, heat resistance, toughness and flexibility. Because of its strong up & down release properties, FEP coatings are an especially good choice for molding coatings. Maximum use temperature 400° F.​

The toughest of the fluoropolymers. It can be applied to a film of 40mls (1,000 micrometers). Very chemically resistant. Temperature use to 149° C / 300° F. Its hydrophobic characteristics offer nonstick capacities, and it has excellent dielectric properties.

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