Industrial Non-Stick Coating Applications

PTFE, FEP, PFA, Xylan®, Xylan XLR®, Glyde Coat, ETFE, Eclipse®, and more:  Advanced Industrial Coatings provides expert applications for hundreds of brand-name and custom non-stick coatings.

The right non-stick coating for a specific application depends on the type of low friction property needed.  Some non-stick coatings provide better side-to-side slipperiness, some provide better up and down release properties, and some are more hydrophobic than others.  In addition, different non-stick coatings feature unique combinations of additional properties, including chemical resistanceheat resistance, and dielectric strength.

Key Non-Stick Coatings Applied at AIC and their Properties


PTFE is still the best-known non-stick coating for industrial applications.  AIC applies PTFE coatings by leading manufacturers such as Axalta (the full range of DuPont PTFE Performance Coatings) and Whitford Worldwide (Xylan®, Xylan XLR®), as well as many other PTFE coatings from other coating manufacturers.  PTFE coatings are typically dry film lubricants that offer an exceptionally low coefficient of friction alongside other desirable properties including wear resistance, chemical resistance, and resistance to high and low operating temperatures (often exceeding -400°F through to +500°F)

Some PTFE coatings also offer strong weather resistance, and depending on the application, some are machinable.



This transparent film is chemically inert and solvent resistant with high service temperatures (to +260° C / +500° F). PFA offers both side-to-side nonstick slipperiness and up & down release properties, making it a good choice for parts that require multi-functional nonstick properties. This resin has mechanical toughness that is greater than FEP or PTFE, offers good dielectric properties, and has excellent chemical resistance.



A nonstick coating providing a nonporous film with excellent dielectric properties, heat resistance, toughness and flexibility. Because of its strong up & down release properties, FEP coatings are an especially good choice for molding coatings. Maximum use temperature +400° F.​


AIC applies an enormous number of other non-stick coatings from major and specialty coating manufacturers.  In addition, AIC applies own own PTFE formulation called Glyde Coat®, a powder / PTFE combination coating. It is an economical, high-performance powder coating available exclusively to our customers.​

Our most typical applications of non-stick coatings include:

  • Medical device applications
  • Food processing equipment
  • Molds
  • Semiconductor parts
  • and more

AIC abides by new regulations concerning PFOA-free coatings, and is able to solve adhesion issues that have arisen for companies that have switched to PFOA-free non-stick coatings.