Heat Resistant Coating Applications

PTFE, PFA, Xylan®, Ryton® (PPS), Ceracoat, and more: Advanced Industrial Coatings provides expert application services for a broad range of brand-name and custom heat resistant coatings.

Heat-resistant coatings are frequently used in the energy, aerospace, chemical processing, automotive, and water industries. Ceramic coatings applied at AIC can resist temperatures up to 1300 °F and more.  Many of the fluoropolymer and PTFE coatings that we apply can withstand operating temperatures up to 550 °F and exposure up to 700 °F, while offering outstanding secondary properties such as nonstick and reduction of frictionchemical and corrosion resistance, and pliability.

Key Heat Resistant Coatings Applied at AIC and Their Properties

PES (polyethersulfone).  This coating can stand operating temperatures up to 550 °F and brief exposures up to 700 °F. The coating is also known for providing some corrosion protection. Although PES can withstand extreme heat, it doesn’t offer many of the combinations of properties that other, more developed polymers can offer.

PTFE- and PFA-based coatings. These thin-film coatings can withstand temperatures up to 500 °F, while keeping all of the properties that make them so popular: nonstick and low friction properties, wear resistance, weather resistance, corrosion resistance and pliability.

FEP. This dry film lubricant offers similar properties to PTFE and PFA coatings, usually can only withstand up to 400 °F. It has excellent release properties and is frequently used in plastic molding.

Xylan®.  This series of PTFE coatings, created by Whitford Worldwide, offer excellent resistance to extreme temperatures both cold and hot. Many Xylan® coatings can operate in temperatures up to 550 °F.

PPS (polyphenelyne sulfide).  PPS, known by the brand name Ryton®, developed by Chevron Philips and produced by Solvay Solexis) can offer operating temperatures of up to 500 °F, depending on what chemicals the coating is exposed to at that temperature. The coating is used frequently in the chemical processing industry thanks to its excellent resistance to many chemicals as well as its its mechanical toughness.

AIC applies an enormous number of heat resistant coatings from major and specialty coating manufacturers including Axalta (DuPont), Whitford Worldwide, and more.

Our most typical applications of heat resistant coatings include:

  • Exhaust, intake and gasket manifolds
  • Turbine parts
  • Hydraulic components
  • Surgical devices
  • and more