Halar ECTFE: Application Photo and Coating Overview

Parts coated with Halar® ECTFE by Advanced Industrial Coatings

Halar ECTFE is a chemical-resistant coating frequently used in the energy, semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries.

These parts are coated with the Solvay Solexis 6914 Gray Halar® with 6014F Clear Halar® as a topcoat.

Halar® ECTFE is a fluoropolymer coating that offers outstanding protection from corrosive chemicals.  The coating is melt-processable and is designed to be applied electrostatically.  (Here at AIC, we specialize in electrostatic applications of Halar, but can also provide fluidized bed applications when necessary).

Halar is one of the best coatings for high purity applications and is frequently used by the biotech and semiconductor industries for this reason.

From an engineering perspective, Halar offers several advantages.  The coating is highly machinable, making it easier to work with from a product design perspective.  Additionally, Halar is highly abrasion resistant and offers excellent impact resistances, making it a solid choice for long-term use.  Operating temperatures for Halar can be somewhat lower that other fluoropolymers, though, so check with an experienced applicator to see if the coating with hold up under your specific operating conditions.

For more information about Halar® ECTFE and AIC’s applications and service offerings, visit our Halar overview page here.

You can also find a wealth of information about Halar on the Halar Page by the coating manufacturer, Solvay Solexis (visit their Halar page here.)  The page includes an excellentrundown on specific properties, performance data, data sheets, brochures on the range of Halar products (and brochures on industry-specific applications) and design and processing guides.