Halar® ECTFE Coating Application Services

Advanced Industrial Coatings is one of the most experienced providers of Halar coating services in the US.

Some of our recent projects applying Halar® ECTFE coatings include impellers, chemical tanks, chemical pipes, and more.

AIC also provides specialized Halar coating services including applications for:

  • PEEK and similar plastics currently being used in the manufacture of medical devices and ultra-high vacuum applications
  • Parts where precision machining is required, such as plating racks and similar parts

Halar ECTFE coatings are produced by Solvay Solexis.

Properties of Halar® ECTFE Coatings – Chemical Resistance and More

  • High chemical resistance – resists aqueous caustics, chlorine, strong acids, as well as organic solvents and other corrosive chemicals (pH 1 – 14), up to 300°F.
  • Dielectric strength – 2000 volts/mil in 1mm thickness – across temperatures and frequencies, the dielectric constant of ECTFE coatings is stable and low.
  • Barrier strength that beats PTFE – hydrochloric acid, carbon dioxide, oxygen and chlorine gas
  • Excellent mechanical strength from cryogenic temperatures up through 300°F
  • High purity – excellent for use in chemical and Ultra-Pure Water applications

AIC specializes in electrostatic spray applications of Halar® ECTFE and can also provide fluidized bed applications.

Uses for Halar® ECTFE Coatings

Halar coating services are typically required for pharma and chemical applications, insulation and gaskets for high-purity electronics, semiconductor, microwave devices, piping, fittings, tanks and tank linings, filter housings, pump and valve components, wet process station components, valve and valve seals, parts that must meet fire safety standards, and any parts in contact with highly corrosive or ultra-pure chemicals including strong inorganic bases and strong mineral and oxidizing acids.

More Information

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