Glyde Coat® and Other Custom Coatings at AIC

At Advanced Industrial Coatings, we can apply any coating that is sold by a coating manufacturer.  But sometimes, a customer has requirements that aren’t met by a commercially available coating.

That’s why our coating application engineers create custom coating blends to meet precise requirements.  Frequently, these custom blends focus on exact functionality requirements at a lower cost point than commercially available coatings.

Glyde Coat® is one example of an AIC custom blend.  A powder/PTFE combination, Glyde Coat can be applied like a powder but offers the properties of a dry film lubricant.  By eliminating a few of the costly, extreme-performance properties required only by some chemical processing parts, Glyde Coat works perfectly for products that require a slippery surface and excellent durability at a lower cost.

To meet product design requirements, we can create blends that use PFA, FEP, PTFE, ETFE, Nylon, powder coatings, and others. These blends can be used to achieve:

  • Lower cost
  • Increased hardness
  • Altered dielectric properties
  • Increased non-stick properties
  • Better chemical resistance
  • Increased heat resistance

and more.  If you are a product engineer having trouble finding the right coating to specify for your product, reach out to one of our coating engineers at AIC. In discussing your substrate and your performance requirements, we will be able to recommend the right coating or work with you to develop the coating and application techniques that meet your needs.