Coatings Applied at Advanced Industrial Coatings

AIC provides expert applications of industrial-use coatings for critical components. The coatings we apply are produced by companies such as Axalta (formerly DuPont), Whitford Worldwide, Arkema, Solvay Solexis, Cardinal, Sherwin-Williams, Tiger, Axzo Nobel, 3M, PPG, and more. We do not sell the coatings we apply. Some of the most relied-upon coatings we apply include:


metal-coatingOur operations and coating applications design are led by Dave Arney, founder and COO, a recognized industry leader in applications innovation, process development and quality improvement.
AIC maintains excellent relationships with many of the leading coating suppliers in the US. We are a certified quality coater with both Whitford Worldwide and DuPont.

Whitford Worldwide

services​Whitford Worldwide manufactures the largest, most complete line of fluoropolymer coatings in the world, including Xylan® and many other extreme performance coatings. AIC is a Whitford Wordwide Certified Quality Coater.


DuPont is one of the best-known coating manufacturers in the world. Some of DuPont’s most popular products include their brand-name FEP and PTFE products. AIC is a certified DuPont Star Coater℠.​​

Solvay Solexis

men-spray-coatingSolvay Solexis is a leading global manufacturer of high-performance plastics, offering a broad range of specialty polymers, including Halar® ECTFE. Their website includes a product selector tool with grade comparisons, as well as excellent technical data sheets for all of their products.


Cardinal manufactures high-quality liquid and powder coatings including custom formulations, and has locations across the United States. Their website offers overview brochures on the properties and colors available for their liquid and powder products, as well as a complete data sheets for each of their products.


3M offers a broad range of advanced materials, including PTFE and PTFE compounds.


Arkema is a global producer of industrial chemicals that manufactures Rilsan® Polyamids (Nylon 11) as well as a complete line of technical polymers and powder coatings.

Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams provides a broad range of product finishing solutions, serving markets from electronics to furniture to heavy machinery.