PTFE Delamination / Adhesion Issues: Don’t Be Fooled

November 4, 2014 If you’re having a delamination problem, your coater may be telling you that the new PFOA-free PTFE formulations don’t adhere as well.  They may even be telling you that you need to switch to a different PTFE coating. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth.  We have found that the… [Read More]

Five Things We Loved in Redondo Beach

Thank you Intech Services!  Our COO, Dave Arney, had a great time at the Intech Services Information Institute earlier this month. He shared with us the best things he discovered in Redondo Beach – and a few things he picked up at the seminar as well. The Portofino Hotel is a fantastic waterfront hotel.  Nice… [Read More]

Food Grade Xylan® for Cost Savings in Industrial Food Production

September 23, 2014 These days, it’s no longer difficult to find food grade coatings that provide good release and nonstick.  The problem comes in with durability. Most of the time, food production teams pick a coating that provides the right level of nonstick at a good price point.  On the back end, production costs start… [Read More]

Extreme Temperature Resistance: Recommended Xylan® Coatings

September 4, 2014 In addition to non-stick properties, many PTFE-based coatings are also known for their ability to withstand extreme operating temperatures. The Xylan® series of coatings, produced by Whitford Worldwide, offers some of the best-performing PTFE-based coatings available.  Xylan coatings are dry-film lubricants that can operate continuously at extreme temperatures where traditional fluid lubricants… [Read More]