This Saturday: A Gorgeous Evening for a Wine Walk


We really do wish it would rain. But since the forecast for the next few days is nothing but sun, we can’t help but be glad that the Lodi Wine Stroll is happening this weekend. The Lodi Wine Stroll is a great, low-key alternative to many of Lodi’s more highly-publicized events (such as the February… [Read More]

Corrosion Protection, Edge Coverage: The New Uses for Coating Primers

The most obvious job of a primer is to enhance adhesion.  Since the early days of high-performance coatings such as PTFE, primers have been needed to help topcoats stick to a substrate.  But today, primers have evolved to offer their own properties, giving design engineers more options when it comes to achieving the ideal surface properties. One… [Read More]

High Temperature Coatings: Best Polymer Coatings and High-Temp Performance Issues

AIC coating application engineers discuss the best polymer coatings with high continuous operating temperatures, and some of the application issues that can cause coatings to fail at high temperatures.   These days, polymer coatings are not well-known for their high operating temperatures. That’s primarily because many ceramic coatings outperform polymer coatings in this aspect, withstanding… [Read More]