Xylan® Coating Services

AIC is an experienced Xylan® coating services provider, and works closely with Whitford Worldwide (the maker of Xylan) to advance Xylan application techniques for superior performance. AIC is a Whitford Worldwide Approved Quality Coater.

AIC performs Xylan coating applications for medical, electrical, energy, automotive, aerospace and other industrial uses.

Examples of parts we have coated with Xylan coatings include semiconductor parts, fasteners, heating elements, wire, parts for subsea and offshore use, chemical processing parts, food processing parts, and many more.

AIC provides Xylan coating application services for the full range of Xylan products, including Xylan XLR, Xylan 1010, Xylan 1014, Xylan 1070, Xylan 1052, Xylan 1424, Xylan 1427, Xylan 1425, and other Xylan coatings.

Each Xylan coating has varying proportions of PTFE lubricant and other polymers. Call Whitford or AIC for more inforation or a recommendaton.

Substrates that can be coated with Xylan®

Xylan can be applied to nearly any surface including aluminum, chrome- and nickel-bearing alloys, copper, steel and titanium; plastics including epoxy, Nylon, PEEK and polyester; elastomeric parts including natural rubber and silicones; glass, ceramics, and industrial textiles.

AIC offers complete pre-treatment in-house, which is especially important for Xylan coating applications. Xylan can adhere to almost any substrate, but some need to be coated within hours of pretreatment for the coating to adhere durably.

Properties of Xylan® Coatings

The fluoropolymers available in the various Xylan® coatings include PTFE, PFA and FEP. Properties of Xylans include:

  • Low friction, nonstick (release) properties
  • Wear resistance, even under extreme pressures
  • Corrosive and chemical resistance
  • Machinability: apply multiple coats and mill to specification
  • Wide temperature operating range: -420° F to 550° F
  • Excellent adhesion and pliability
  • Wide color range available

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