Rilsan® Nylon Coating Applications

AIC provides expert applications of Rilsan® Nylon coatings and generic nylon coatings to a broad range of medical, scientific and industrial parts.

Sectors served include medical, semiconductor, energy, robotics, automotive, electronics, and others.

Because many of the parts that we coat with nylon are medical and scientific parts, we have a control room designed for the elimination of contaminants normally found in a coating shop.

AIC applies liquid nylon coatings as well as nylon powder coatings. Occasionally, we create custom blends that include nylon to meet performance or pricing requirements. We are able to coat prototypes, small runs, as well as large volumes. We do coat sample parts.

We are able provide selective area coating and detailed masking for complex parts.

Rilsan Polyamid 11 is manufactured by the Arkema Corporation. It is sometimes generically referred to as Nylon, Nylon 11, or Nylon 12. Rilsan Nylon coatings are popular because they combine strong performance in a number of critical properties, making them an excellent choice for parts with complex functional needs.

Substrates that can be coated with Rilsan® Nylon Coatings

Nylon coatings can adhere to practically any substrate: most metals, including steel (carbon, stainless, chrome plated, galvanized), aluminum (sheet, bar, or rod, many alloys, foil, anodized or chromate treated), copper (brass, bronze, red brass, other alloys) fabrics, polyurethane foams, thermosets, thermoplastics, and other composites.

Properties of Rilsan® Nylon Coating

Rilsan® Nylon coatings provide multi-functional protection that is thermally stable, mechanically tough, anti-corrosive and chemically resistant.

  • Service temperatures range from -60°C to 150°C. Can be autoclaved in medical applications.
  • Good chemical and corrosion resistance: see links below for specific resistance information
  • Impact resistant: Charpy notched impact strength tests demonstrate excellent resistance at low and room temperatures
  • High abrasion resistance – very smooth surface finish
  • Mechanically tough: high burst strength over a range of temperatures
  • Flexibility: from 1200 MPa for non-plasticized grades to 150 MPa for plasticized grades; specific fillers can increase flexibility up to 8000MPa
  • Machinability: can be shaved or machined
  • High creep and wear resistance
  • FDA approved
  • Wide range of colors available

With nylon coatings, gloss levels usually depend upon the coating selected, and typically range from 30 to 70 gloss.

Uses for Nylon Coatings

  • Medical: forceps, defibrillator paddles, catheters, tubing hubs and more. Can be autoclaved.
  • Automotive: fuel contact applications such as monowall fuel lines, quick connectors and multi-layer fuel lines, pneumatic brake lines
  • IT applications: wire and cable applications, semiconductors, and more.
  • Water management (potable water contact): water reticulation equipment, impellers, housing on pumps, piping systems.
  • Oil and natural gas: underwater flexible pipes, umbilicals, more.
  • Wire products: dishwasher racks, shelving, etc.
  • Rollers: print and conveyor rollers, pulleys
  • and more

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