Medical Device Coating Services

Advanced Industrial Coatings provides medical device coating services for manufacturers across the country and internationally.

Recent and current medical clients include:

Stryker_B_W                 Philips_Color          GE_Color

AIC offers an environmentally climate controlled area for scientific applications and medical device coating services. Originally designed for our medical device manufacturers, AIC’s control room has proven essential for companies with strict quality needs. Companies like GE Healthcare and Phillips Medical have all relied on the exceptional quality provided by Advanced Industrial Coatings.





What coatings do you apply for medical devices?
Our list of coatings for medical devices is long. The most popular coatings are Nylon (particularly the Rilsan® Nylon from Arkema), along with products containing PTFE, including Xylan®, produced by Whitford Worldwide, Halar® ECTFE, produced by Solvay Solexis, and the wide range of DuPont Performance Coatings we apply. Find more information on those coatings further down the page. If you have another coating in mind, contact us to find out if we apply it.


Can you apply coatings that can be autoclaved repeatedly?
Absolutely. AIC has a significant experience with reusable instruments and we’d be happy to discuss the use standards you need to meet.


Will the finished product pass toxicity testing?
In most cases, we can answer this question for you over the phone in an initial consultation with our COO, Dave Arney. Occasionally, unique applications will require testing to determine the answer.


Are you ISO certified?
Yes. AIC prides itself on achieving quality outcomes through standardized continuous improvement procedures. The certifications we have obtained and renew regularly include:

  • ISO 9001:2008
  • RoHS Certification
  • Copy Exact
  • Whitford Approved Quality Coater
  • DuPont Certified StarCoater℠

Audits are conducted annually by internal management and by certified third party agencies to ensure ongoing compliance. We can send you a copy of our certifications for your records upon request.


Can we start talking even if the part isn’t built yet?
Yes. If you have a drawing that you can send us, we can start discussing coating options. After an initial discussion about your medical device and the substrate, we can send you coating samples so that you can have some actual, physical samples.