Frequently Asked Questions

What is your lead time?
We can turn your job around in 5 working days, under normal circumstances. Most jobs are completed in 2 – 3 days.

Can you sample coat a part prior to coating the entire job?
Yes, we appreciate doing samples so that we can identify masking, hanging, or coating questions.

Can tests be run to verify that my parts are adequately coated and cured?
Yes, we can perform cure tests, MEK tests, Q panels, customer sample panels, as well as other standard measuring tests.

How do I know that my parts will be cleaned, masked, coated and packaged in the manner requested?​
A part set up sheet is produced with all information received and follows each job throughout the entire process.

Are your ovens and measuring equipment calibrated?
Yes, we send measuring equipment out for annual calibration, and ovens are calibrated every six months. Both are calibrated to an NIST standard.

​My company is in the Bay Area, do you pick up and deliver?
Yes, we have several large trucks that deliver to our customers daily.​

​I just need a part to be coated a certain color as economically as possible, can you help me?
Yes, we have many products that will fit your budget, just contact our Sales team.

​My customer requires Certification of Conformance, will you provide that?
Yes, we will provide Certs for any job.

What coatings do you apply?​
Some of our most popular coatings include Rilsan® Nylon,​ Xylan®, Halar® ECTFE, powder coatings such as Epoxy, Polyester, Urethane and Nylon, and DuPont Fluoropolymers, including coatings that contain PFA, FEP, PTFE and ETFE. AIC also applies Glyde Coat®, a coating that we have developed in-house to meet needs for an economical, high-performance coating.

What colors do your coatings come in?
This depends on the coating. Some coatings, such as Xylan® and Glyde Coat®, come in a wide range of colors. Other coatings may be more limited in terms of color choices. If color is a key requirement, we have plenty of options for high-performance coatings with many color choices.

Do you have coatings approved for NSF / FDA / medical uses?
We have worked with many clients to coat parts that meet NSF, FDA and medical use requirements. Meeting these requirements usually demands not only that a certain coating be used, but that a particular quality documentation process as well. AIC can help you select the correct coating and can customize documentation as necessary to meet your requirement.